Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silent Movie, Tuvalu

I was thinking about this movie the other day. I saw it about 7 years ago, I had just moved to Mexico City and was drowning in Spanish. In the beginning, every day there was a struggle, just getting by took so much thought and energy, and I was constantly embarrassed by my inability to express even the simplest emotion. But there were moments, little breaks, when everything was quiet, and the language barrier faded away. Sitting around with friends, walks through La Condesa, brushing my teeth on the roof of my apartment. And Tuvalu kind of landed on my lap at the perfect time. No words, just a love story on a beautiful island. Directed by Veit Helmer.

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Cristian said...

Did you ever watched El Chavo in Mexico?

Just wanted to congratulate you for you work.