Friday, August 13, 2010

Anna and Suzy do Flashdance

After a day in studio shooting Steven Alan Men's and listening to some amazing 80's mixes throughout the day, Suzy and I get inspired to make a home movie.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bon Iver is Amazing

Last year at Bonnaroo I shot a few polaroids of one of my favorite artists, Bon Iver, after he had just played to a completely packed crowd. He was hanging out backstage, surrounded by people, Drew Barrymore was fawning over him. I grabbed him when he had a down moment, and shot as many pictures as I could. In our few minutes of small talk he said he was on the tail end of touring, and he was off on a break to write music. I asked, more work after so much work? He said, writing music isn't work, it's vacation. He was so humble, so awed at the amount of people at his show, so sweet and sincere. This morning I saw a video of his made by la blogotheque and it made me think back to my encounter with him last year. Bon Iver is amazing.